Chores- The Key To Smooth Home Management

I would love to say that "I don't thrive in chaos." That would be such a poetic, positive way to state my problem: I literally can't handle mess, cacophony or tripping over small objects. I turn into Grumpy Mom. This would all be well and fine if I had pretty much any other job. But, … Continue reading Chores- The Key To Smooth Home Management

Shabbat Shalom!

No, no, I'm not embracing Judaism. And these aren't baby names, although they do both start with "s" and may have been in the running at one point (actually, I mentioned Shalom and was vetoed. Vehemently.) The entire week through, I am excited for Sunday. It's our rest day, it's a day that is sacred … Continue reading Shabbat Shalom!