A Day In The Life

This is a day in the life of a grade 7, 5, 3, 1, three preschoolers and a very pregnant mama!

6:30/7: Wake up with my handsome hubby. We have a quick coffee, pray, and he’s out the door. I read my Bible, and soak in silence for every second that I can.

8:00: Kids start to wake up, one by one. I make their breakfasts, while they slowly start getting ready for the day. They have very minimal morning chores (make their beds, brush their teeth, read their Bibles). We don’t do a lot of other chores at this time, because then it affects our schooltime, and my patience before we even get started. I clean off the counters, and deal with what I need to, and then we start.

8:30: Morning Basket. Got this idea from Pam Barnhill, and I just love it. We loop through whatever we can get done, before we are just talked out. On our “loop” we have Bible, science, social studies (currently Canadian history), any correspondence from our Compassion kids overseas or missionaries we are praying for, a current read loud, and then a bunch of other books I reeeeeally want the kids to study, but we just never had time for (art history, poetry, etc.)

10:00- Outside, unless it’s below -30. I had to make that a rule, because they are bananas. This is when I return phone calls, make coffee or a snack, clean up a bit from Morning Time.

10:30 or whenever they come in- in the winter, hot chocolate is waiting, or at least tea. If they are playing hard, I leave them be. Crazy, right? But I’m sorry, if six siblings are collaborating (baby stays in with me) and playing a huge game together, school waits a bit. Some days they come in earlier, so it all balances out. This is important for their development, their relationships and their memories. I am not bound by a clock.

This is when we do the individual subjects. I do make a loose schedule for them to sorta follow at the beginning of the year, just because I can’t help everyone with math at the same time. They each have a spiral notebook where I write in, usually a week at a time, what they are responsible for each day. It doesn’t matter if they do it in a different order, they just might have to wait for me to help them. Their individual subjects are: math, writing, grammar, typing, reading, handwriting (cursive or printing). My grade 7 son has his own Bible, and a Shakespeare study.

11:00-12:15: They finish up on their own, and do their morning chores. They get done when they get done. Some kids buckle down and plough through, and some see butterflies and squirrels and paint chips in the wall. They are each responsible for certain areas of the house, and their bedrooms. That gets done before they eat lunch.

12:30: lunch

1:00-3:00: Quiet time. A very serious time of day, since I am so sick right now with this baby! They must be quiet, no matter what they do (no talking, moving around, etc.) I find they need this break from each other, too. They can watch a movie sometimes, but I try not to let them every day, although the battle is getting real. Otherwise, quiet activities in different areas of the house.

3:00-3:30/4:00- Outside time

4:00-5:00- whatevs! If they get screentime, they can have it now.

5:00- Evening chores, dinner. Clean up the areas they are responsible for. We don’t rotate chores, they get good at their specific zones.

And that’s our day! Fridays are a bit different, (FriYAY) as we do visual art, math, Torchlighter and Magic School bus kits.

Here’s a little video we made to chronicle it. Huge thanks to my brother for filming a very long (and loud like normal) day!

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