Tofino Getaway

I was at the grocery store, trying to read my scrawled, haphazard list when he called me.

“Hunny, I won.”

No kidding. I’m getting groceries for your fishing trip tomorrow, when you leave me alone with a newborn and six other children. Yes, you won indeed.

“No, I won the grand prize. We’re going to Tofino!”


Two months later we landed in Comox, Vancouver Island. Once we arrived, our rental car was ready and took us on a beautiful drive through forests and coastline, unlike any we had ever seen.

We checked into the Pacific Sands Beach Resort, which is situated right on the ocean. You can literally surf right from your room. Our condo had a well stocked kitchen, and we had a leisurely dinner before walking up and down the coast. The sunset was amazing and everything I had hoped for.


The next morning, after a late breakfast, we took surfing lessons and rode the waves. Well, Sim did. He’s a natural at everything he tries. I took surfing lessons, and drank the water. It really is salty.


We didn’t just win our flights, our resort stay and rental car, we also won a $500 VISA gift card. We decided to use it for experiences. Surfing was an “experience” for sure. We also took a Whale Watching Tour, and were not disappointed. Sea otters, sea lions, humpback whales and grey whales all made their appearance within a two hour boat ride. Feeling the breeze and the ocean spray on our faces and just letting someone else steer the boat was, to me, the highlight of the whole trip.


On our way back to the airport to fly home three days later, we hiked through the Rainforest Trail in Pacific Rim National Park. The trees were huge and so different than anything we had seen before. It was peaceful and humid and an awesome way to end the weekend.


We couldn’t be more thankful to win this trip! We got to experience a piece of our country that we had only heard about. To be there and feel the ocean spray, smell the salt in the air and just have such a beautiful time together was an experience we will never forget.





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