Get Ready

Today, the beginning of Advent and the Christmas season, I’ve been thinking lots about Mary.


She was not prepared to be pregnant. She was young, unmarried, and a virgin. She never saw it coming.


Now some things in life, you have time to think about; time to decide. Should I volunteer for this role? Should I step up in this way? Am I “called” to this? But pregnancy? Sometimes, you just plain find out your pregnant. There’s no testing the waters in pregnancy. You can’t try it out and see if it’s for you, or quit if it’s too overwhelming or uncomfortable.


Once that happens, everything changes. Everything you eat, drink, feel or do affects that little tiny baby.


And Mary? She was ready.


She went from being completely floored at the sight of an angel in her house, on her rug, next to her- maybe within touching distance?- to saying “I am the Lord’s servant, may your word to me be fulfilled.” It doesn’t look like a lot of time went by, in Luke’s accounting.


She didn’t have to pray about it first. She didn’t have to think about it, poll her friends, read some articles, or hem and haw about her own thoughts and opinions.


She was operating within the Spirit and answered the Lord when He requested her. Done. She recognized the ambassador of the God she served, and was ready to give up everything for this request.


Would Joseph still marry her? Would her parents disown her? Would the town destroy her?


“May your word to me be fulfilled.” Let it be. Let me do this thing that God has asked of me. I am His. 


Are you ready for what He asks of you? I know I’m not. I was given an opportunity lately that I floundered in for a little while. I didn’t have immediate obedience. I listened to my selfish heart, instead of the one that wants SO BADLY to please my King. It was a good, clear view of my first reflexes (fear, anxiety, selfishness). I will not ever have that same, exact opportunity again. It was one of those decisions that required quick, fast and resolute decisiveness. I regret my feelings and my thoughts. I know I’m forgiven, but darn, I want so badly to do the right thing at the right time!


So this month, in this season- I want to get ready. I want to be operating in a frame that knows quickly and swiftly an attitude of submission and praise to the one whom I serve. I want to know His voice, and I want it to be louder than my own, than my friends’ and the people around me. I want to be unafraid and unashamed, and ready to do the roles and parts that only I can do.

Some things you pray about; some things you wait to make a decision.

Some things you need to quickly do when He asks.

Are you ready?


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