Family Closet

Here’s a video from last year, explaining our family closet and how it works for us. We put our spare room and office together in order to get one bedroom to devote to all our children’s clothing, and it was by far the best way to use the space for our family efficiently. It’s been almost a year, and the time savings and just cleaning factors still make me so happy that we invested the room, time and a bit of money. We live in a 1100 square foot home, with a full basement, and have five bedrooms. That means we have a sanctuary for us parents, the three girls’ room, the three boys’ room, family closet (which is downstairs, close to the laundry room) and a spare room/office combo (also downstairs). The bedrooms we sleep in are not large; however, with the kids not having dressers, clothing or toys in there, they stay much cleaner and uncluttered.


When the video was filmed, I was expecting our Sweet One, who is #6. We are now expecting #7, and although I’ve done nothing, we are still ready for baby to come! Well, he/she isn’t ready, but the necessities are. Also, when the children have friends/family over, if they need clothes they are totally accessible to help (sweaters, extra snowpants or gear, dry clothing, baby clothes after a blowout.)


We have been so blessed by beautiful, high quality clothing that we have never had to purchase any. Anything we have bought has been by choice. We actually have the opposite problem- we are often given too much! This way I can easily look ahead to the next sizes, and see if it is needed, or if it can be regifted to someone else. I find our boys go through pants like machines, and I can quickly see if I have enough in the sizes coming up, or if our second son has depleted our resources for our third, and more need to be added.


How do you organize out of season clothing and hand me downs in your home?



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