Empowering Girls- Starting at Home

We recently got back from a long road trip. Seriously long. Over-three-thousand-kilometers-each-way long. Although normally we are really careful (read: shelter) our children when it comes to mature music, TV and movies, we tried to relax a little bit. Especially when driving in the middle of the night or early in the morning and we assumed they were sleeping and we needed bouncier music. I haven’t listened to anything new in so long I don’t even know who half these people are- and yet now my heart is completely broken for them and disgusted by those who own them.








Britney (since when did she come back?).


I don’t know what’s worse- letting my girls hear the lies that come out of these women’s mouths, or letting my boys believe that this is what successful, prize winning women sound like.


These women are making obscene amounts of money, and influencing young people. The messages in the songs are almost overwhelmingly the same:


Women are only sex objects, willing to be owned by the right guy.


That’s it, that’s all.


There are a few that aren’t so bad- I won’t name them, because I’m sure as heck not endorsing them, but they are not the majority. Currently, the top 40 list for October 8, 2016, features 14 songs by women. Fourteen. There are a few that feature a woman, but I didn’t count those. More than half of those fourteen songs feature a girl who is completely dependent on a guy for happiness, and most often, ready and willing to do whatever he wants. This is all fine and dandy if you are raising young women to be subservient to every guy who she might have a crush on.


Let me be clear: I am not.


I am not willing to let my girls think that there is anything okay with changing themselves for a man.


I am not willing to let my girls think that they are “less than” a man, and as such, have to keep giving more and more to keep him happy.


I am not willing to let my girls be influenced by singers who are owned by powerful corporations, who make catchy songs, and whose personal lives are usually falling completely apart.


I am not willing to let my girls think, even for a second, that the only way to keep a man’s heart is through her body.


I’m not willing to let my boys think that this is what real women sound like.


I’m going back to the basics (not that I really left!)


My job, as the grown up, is to make sure that my children are provided beautiful and real things. I get to choose what kind of music enters our home and vehicles. I will use my authority to make sure that they are listening to people that will help them grow and flourish- not stunt them emotionally. If we hear music and songs that are different than what we normally listen to, I will take the time to tell them why it’s harmful or fake.


What are you going to do? img_5591



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