Trans Fats, Conspiracies and Provision

I’m tired. I have been trying to switch our family over to whole foods, as quietly and calmly as possible. I don’t want to hear a lot of whining, complaining or arguing: that’s why I don’t talk to myself anymore. But as I do this, I am fighting the “rules” that I’ve been fed for years by the media. I’m starting to not only trust that butter is better for you than margarine, and that maple syrup and organic honey are better than white sugar; I’m beginning to put my money where my mouth is. Slowly. But it makes me tired. I can’t trust anything. Every other Facebook post is about a conspiracy engineered by big Pharma/GMO’s/Obama.

*I can’t trust doctors. They are out to make us sick, so that they can heal us.

*I can’t trust the GMO’s. And they make everything.

*I can’t trust the government. Ever. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, they are out for their own gain.

*I can’t trust the “systems.” Welfare, criminal, social, school, etc. Basically, if it has the word “system” in in, and it’s not DOS or Windows, don’t trust it.

There is officially no establishment outside my little home in rural AB that I can trust that will not hurt me or eat my children. This has been backed up by research that they are hiding from us. I definitely believe that there is credence to parts of it, but maybe some is reaching. You have to give the conspiracies that are made up a lot of credit. It requires an amazing imagination to come up with some of this stuff. They even falsify Amber alerts. For what purpose? Almost every “share” on facebook can be researched on Snopes to show that it is nothing but a crazy rumour that someone made up.

Sometimes I think of deleting all social networks. So I can live in my little happy place, where no one is trying to kill me and put razors in the baby food (obviously, I don’t use baby food. That stuff is deadly.) I try so hard to do a good job, as a mom, wife, Christian. And yet everywhere I turn, someone is telling me it’s wrong. I’m sure it’s always been that way, but never as passive aggressive, quickly and repetitive as Facebook can be. We can’t even always trust Christian establishments. I know lots of people who’ve been hurt by people in a church (and then turn around and hate the whole church) and obviously the World Vision decision, fallout and reversal, just made everyone hang their heads, for various reasons.

I can trust no one.

But I can trust One.

The One who provides.

The One who heals.

The One who loves.

The One who saves.

The One who has a plan for me, my husband, my children.

Of course, we often pay the consequences of our choices. That’s fact.

But His promises are not contingent on my actions.

I am so thankful for His promises.



4 thoughts on “Trans Fats, Conspiracies and Provision

  1. I see my God as all knowing, that there is a purpose to everything and that nothing is an accident. He has put the government that is in place for his purpose. I try to continuely keep my eyes on Jesus and not on man for I don’t understand all things . If I keep my heart and mind on mistrust , I would miss out on some good experiences . I have come to realize that I will make mistakes though life with my children, my family , my church but isn’t that what grace is all about. So I too have decided to offer grace to those people out there who have made a few mistakes like me!


  2. I so agree with how you closed it off. I’m guilty of sharing all the stuff you talked about. I’m not perfect though. I don’t necessarily live the life I promote. But I try. I try because it makes sense to me to try. I know that no matter how hard I try, I can’t avoid everything, for even the air I breathe is polluted. But I like having a clean conscience. Well, cleanish. I feel good when I eat something local and organic and know that I am supporting a local farmer, who is trying to treat this earth with care. Are there corrupt organic farmers who cheat, and are only interested in profit? Sure, but there’s only so much I can do. And anyway, even my best still doesn’t cut it, but I enjoy life better when I try. My faith is in God, and I try to lead my life they way I think He wants me to, but I don’t stress about it. I’m just thankful everyday for the righteousness of Jesus that covers me, and hides all my imperfections. And thankful that it’s not up to me to get it all right on this earth.


    1. It’s good you share that stuff! It’s opened my eyes to a lot of info I might not have known. It’s important for me, though, to know and rest in the fact that I will never get everything right. No one can. Life is so full of so many good things: we can’t do them all. Doesn’t mean we don’t strive, but that we rely on God’s grace, not our own strength.


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