As Unto the Lord

Okay. So we have talked submitting. But that doesn’t mean much without a comparison. See, we submit to the government, knowing if we don’t follow their laws we could go to jail or be penalized. We submit to our parents, or at least did at one time (or pretended to.) It doesn’t mean a lot to “submit” unless it’s given a value.

As unto the Lord.

Now, I submit to the Lord because He has given me every blessing. All good things come from Him. He created me, and my children. He has given me beauty for ashes. I have a beautiful home, my husband loves me. I have a great family. I live in an awesome country. And this is why I praise, and submit, to the Lord. Right?


I submit to Him, because HE IS GOD.

Not for what He’s done.

For Who He is.

The Creator of the world, who did it all in seven days. The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. The Maker of Love. The One who knows all. There is so much I could say, and it has NOTHING to do with what He’s done for me. I pray, that if tomorrow I lose it all, I will still praise His name and submit to Him. Oh, I pray that so hard.

Now my husband.

He is not God. I don’t imagine your husband is either. He isn’t perfect. He makes mistakes. He has overcome lots himself, he will stumble and fall. He will hurt me. He will err in judgement.

But I must to submit to him, because of WHO HE IS.

Knowing that he will mess up, think of himself before me, make a rash decision, not think things through . . . I submit to him, knowing these promises:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Whoever obeys his command will come to no harm, and the wise heart will know the proper time and procedure. Ecclesiastes 8:5

So, what does it mean to submit, as unto the Lord? Well, how do we act towards our Lord?

-NEVER. Never. Never talk badly about him. Even, and especially, if it’s true. If you’re mad, and can’t get through it, get solid Christian help. That’s great. Vent to the Lord who created him. He’s the only one who can fix him anyways.

-If it’s not from your heart, it’s not true. Don’t pretend to agree with him. If you don’t, tell him in love but don’t be expecting your own way. If you don’t agree with his decision, don’t tell everyone but him. Pray for the peace of knowing that the situation will always comes out for God’s glory, if you honour Him in your obedience. For me, this is usually a “fake it till I make it” moment. I know it’s going to work out. But I want to fight, so bad. And then I regret it, and wish I would have just waited, just a day or two, to get my mouth to follow my heart. I’m getting there. Two steps forward, write about it, three steps back.

-It doesn’t matter if he believes the same as you. There is no description or qualifier here. It doesn’t say to submit to your Christian or perfect husband. Nope. It says the one you got. Obviously, it’s hard when your hubby doesn’t want you to go to church, or he wants you to do things that are not right. I know there are husbands who go against what God wants for you, or your marriage. That sucks. And that is not for some girl on a blog to speak to. That’s where the Holy Spirit and solid, God-fearing guidance come into play.

-Have a solid faith. If you have never allowed him to make decisions, or he isn’t capable (by history or character) of making good decisions, don’t give him something he’s going to fail at right out of the gate. Take small steps, allowing God to mature your faith, and allowing your husband to slowly take over leadership. Peter of the Bible did not walk on water the first time He met Jesus. As he came to know Him, witnessing His miracles and wonders, he took that leap. If you fully trust him, then it’s fine. If you’re afraid, let him and God earn your trust, with small steps. Pray for faith. He tells us that He will give what we ask for in faith.

And when you start giving these areas over to your husband, pray. With a desperate, pleading, and, dare I say, repentant heart. Many men cannot make good decisions because they have never been ALLOWED to. We, as women, need to own that. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to convict us where we need to be convicted. If we treated our husbands with the reverence and respect they deserve, just for being THEM, in all their imperfect glory, they would be able to rise up and be the men we so want them to be.

So what are the rewards? Why do this? Obviously, God tells us to. But what benefits are there for you, and your family? Stay tuned!

What did I say wrong? What was right? What is the hardest part of all this? I want to hear from you!

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